Stage Four Living

Stay in the game

If you want life to grab hold of you, you must grab hold of life.

I saw those words on a t-shirt on a serendipitous day in Boulder, Colorado and the message stuck with me to become the first tenet of Stage Four Living.

Living with MBC or any stage four cancer diagnosis is powerful motivation to grab hold of every day. We don’t know how many days we have. That mystery is motivation for each of us to grab hold of life and stay in the game until the end.

Lighten your load

Burdens are an inevitable part of life. They become more difficult to bear when we worry, imagine the worst, exaggerate them, or hang onto the added weight of stuff we can just let go. Stuff like grudges, resentments, limiting beliefs, toxic relationships, and anything else that doesn’t serve us, imagined or real.

Life comes with challenges that often become opportunities and circumstances that bring blessings in disguise. When we lighten our loads, we free ourselves to recognize those blessings and move through life with greater ease and grace.

Honor the journey

A life of comfort, ease and perfection seems to be the journey most people are on—if you believe what you see on Instagram and Facebook.

Comfort and ease are wonderful, but let’s not dismiss the struggles that are a part of life. It’s through the challenges, disappointments and sorrows that we become our true selves and forge stronger connections to each other.

Every circumstance we encounter in our journey is worth recognizing, witnessing and honoring in ourselves and others.

About the lotus flower

The lotus flower is symbolic and sacred in Eastern cultures. With colorful beauty like all flowers, it has a unique life cycle and growing environment in water, where it’s rooted in mud. Every night the lotus submerges into the murky water and blooms again the next day, rising above the surface without dirty residue on its petals.

Like the lotus flower, we too can emerge from our own mud and muck, untouched and pristine.