Stage 4 Living Manifesto

You may see or hear the word manifesto and think of anarchy or danger. Yet a manifesto is simply a published declaration of intentions, motives, or views of a person or organization.

One of the best lessons that mbc (metastatic breast cancer) has taught me is the urgent need to live in a more mindful, meaningful way. Too many of us spend too much time going through the paces of daily life, swept up in the events and circumstances that come our way. If you are genuinely happy going with the flow of your life, then by all means, enjoy the ride! But if you feel like you’re moving fast in a direction you’d rather not take, know that you have the power to alter your course. That shift could begin by creating your own personal manifesto. Meanwhile, I hope you will draw some inspiration from the Stage 4 Living manifesto.

Stage 4 Living manifesto