Time slips away

How often do you find yourself saying or thinking something like: “It’s 4:15, where did the day go? “I can’t believe it’s already April!” “Has it really been five years since I joined the company? Since they got married? Since we last spoke?” If these kinds of thoughts are a …

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About Her—HER2, that is

On April 17, the FDA approved a new drug called Tukysa (tucatinib) for use in combination with chemotherapy for patients with HER2-positive breast cancer that has metastasized to the brain. All new treatment options are good news, but this is particularly good news because: HER2-positive breast cancer is not as …

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Just breathe

Movement is cancer medicine

Movement is cancer medicine Many people do as much possible to move as little as possible, like driving around a parking lot until they get a spot that will limit their walking, or taking an elevator or escalator instead of the stairs for one flight. It usually gets worse with …

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Presence and awareness in every moment

Finding calm in the cancer storm

Getting a cancer diagnosis is like getting thrown into a raging sea without a flotation device. The initial shock pushes you upward for air and light as you try to keep from immediately drowning. You sputter and flail about for a few moments as you realize that life as you knew it just one second ago has vanished. Then you breathe as to calm yourself, gather your wits, control your body, and figure out what it means.

Marking a calendar to remind us of time

Marking the days of our life

As a person living with metastatic breast cancer, I have adopted the calendar marking tactic in yet another way—as a reminder to reflect back on the day: How much time did I waste on matters or activities that don’t matter, like surfing the web? How much time did I invest in things that matter and bring personal meaning and contentment?