My name is Cate North, and I am a writer, speaker, and patient advocate for advanced-stage cancer. I have been living with stage 4 cancer (metastatic breast cancer) since 2016, with many twists and turns along the way.

My cancer mission

  • Educate and inspire people living with MBC and other advanced-stage cancers.
  • Advocate for early detection and screenings to prevent advanced-stage cancer development.
Keep smiling

For cancer-fighting patients

Information and inspiration for the physical, mental, and emotional support you need to fight and survive cancer.

For cancer-fighting companies

Education and awareness to help patients understand and ask about your life-saving, life-improving solutions.

Philosophy of Stage 4 Living

Stay in the game

Choose to be fully present and engaged, as best as you can, adapting as the rules change and curve balls come your way.

Lighten your load

Focus on what matters. You have enough of a burden to bear; let go of the petty stuff to live with greater ease, serenity and grace.

Honor the journey

Empower yourself by taking one step and one day at a time; find or create meaning and joy as time is precious and bittersweet.

Meaning of the lotus flower

Lotus flower blossoms in mud

The lotus flower submerges every night into muddy, murky water yet re-blossoms the next day in pristine condition.

We all have mud and muck to go through in life. We may not always emerge looking as pristine as a lotus flower, but the choice is ours to show up as brightly as we can every day.

Latest from my blog

Contact me

Cancer fighters and survivors: I would love to hear from you and help you tell your advanced cancer story.

Cancer-fighting companies: Available for writing and content development projects relevant to patient needs and understanding.

Event managers: Available to talk about early detection, living with advanced cancer, and the philosophy of Stage 4 Living.

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